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Marc Jacobsen

Assistant Professor, Royal Danish Defence College



I am Assistant Professor at Royal Danish Defence College where I do research, teach and advise on Arctic security politics and diplomacy. I am currently also writing a book in which I investigate how changing security dynamics affect the relationship between Denmark and Greenland, and how their respective diplomats navigate in the region. This particular project is generously funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.

Together with Ulrik Pram Gad and Ole Wæver, I have edited an anthology titled Greenland in Arctic security: (de)securitization dynamics under climatic thaw and geopolitical freeze, which can be ordered at University of Michigan Press.

I obtained my PhD in Political Science from University of Copenhagen in 2019. Since then, I have worked as Researcher at Danish Institute for International Studies, post.doc. at University of Cambridge, Senior Fellow at The Arctic Institute and as External Lecturer at University of Greenland.

Please see the top menu for more details and follow me on twitter @MarcArctic.


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