Marc Jacobsen

Post.doc., Cambridge University



I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Cambridge's Scott Polar Research Institute where I do research on Arctic diplomacy, security and identity politics. My current project - which is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation - investigates how Greenland geopolitics are formed by military and diplomatic activities. As part of this project, I am editing a book about Greenland (de)securitisation dynamics together with Ulrik Pram Gad and Ole Wæver.

I obtained my PhD in Political Science from University of Copenhagen (2019) with a thesis about how the international Arctic attention reconfigures Denmark’s and Greenland’s respective foreign policies as well as their mutual postcolonial relationship. Previously, I have worked as Senior Fellow at The Arctic Institute, as External Lecturer at University of Greenland and as freelance journalist for High North News and Sermitsiaq.

I frequently disseminate my findings to a broader audience through teaching, public presentations and media contributions.

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