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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience


Assistant Professor

Royal Danish Defence College

2022 - present

I do research, teach and advise mainly about security, defence and foreign policy in the Arctic with special focus on the Kingdom of Denmark. I am also writing a book about Denmark's and Greenland's diplomacy in the context of changing security dynamics in the Arctic. (Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation's Reintegration Fellowship, 1.4 million DKK).



Danish Institute for International Studies

2022 - 2022

During my 6 months at DIIS, I commenced my 2-year book project about how the changing security dynamics in the Arctic affect the relationship between Denmark and Greenland. (Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation's Reintegration Fellowship, 1.4 million DKK).



Cambridge University

2020 - 2022

My post.doc. project investigated how Greenland geopolitics are sought formed by military and diplomatic activities which activate new and recurring understandings of security and sovereignty questions. (Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation’s Internationalisation Fellowship, 800.000 DKK).


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Fitzwilliam College

2021 - 2022

While working at University of Cambridge, I was member of Fitzwilliam College.


External Lecturer

University of Greenland

2019 - 2020

I organised and taught the entire course titled ‘Arctic International Politics and Greenland’s Foreign Policy’ to a class of mixed Greenlandic and international students, who I examined in January 2020.


Senior Fellow & Member of Leadership Group

The Arctic Institute 

2015 - 2020

I was responsible for The Arctic Institute’s internal communication and for the research regarding the Kingdom of Denmark. In addition to presenting my own perspectives via publications and presentations, I also edited guest contributions.


Research Associate

The Arctic Institute

2013 - 2015

My main research focus was the Arctic politics and strategies of the Nordic countries. I also developed search and rescue scenarios, produced podcasts and co-negotiated the perennial cooperation agreement with the High North Dialogue conference in Bodø, Norway.


Freelance Journalist

High North News and Sermitsiaq

2017 - 2020

I occasionally wrote about Arctic international politics for the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitsiaq and the Norwegian online media High North News.
(See more under 'Dissemination').


Research Assistant

University of Copenhagen

2015 - 2016

I assisted with a successful grant application to the Velux Foundation (5.5 million DKK), and coordinated the monthly research seminars on Arctic Politics. Together with former Premier of Greenland, Kuupik V. Kleist, and Professor Minik Rosing, I wrote a publication on better use of informal skills in Greenland.


Research Assistant

Martin Breum
(Author and Journalist)

2013 - 2016

I assisted with research and analysis of Greenland’s international relations and mining potential for the book ‘Balladen om Grønland’ (Eng.: ‘The Greenland Dilemma’) (Gyldendal 2014). I also planned and executed two mid-career courses to Svalbard for 2 x 20 Danish journalists in January 2015 and April 2016.



PhD, Political Science

University of Copenhagen

2016 - 2019

My PhD project investigated how Denmark and Greenland make use of the global Arctic attention to enhance and expand their international relations – together as well as separately.


Visiting PhD Candidate

University of British Columbia

Spring 2017

By invitation from Professor Michael Byers, I stayed one semester at UBC. My research focus then was Canada’s Arctic politics with particular focus on relations between Ottawa and Iqaluit which served as comparative case for my analysis of the Danish-Greenlandic relations.


Political Communication & Management

Copenhagen Business School

2011 - 2014

My Master in Political Communication & Management culminated with a dissertation about how changing Greenlandic governments have used a narrative of a unique Greenlandic identity to shape and strengthen a foreign policy more autonomous from Denmark.


MA, International Relations

University of Westminster

2012 - 2013

My Master in International Relations culminated with a dissertation about the development of the Arctic security discourse 1946-2013.


BSc, Social Science and Communication

Roskilde University

2007 - 2010

The bachelor in Social Sciences provided me with basic academic knowledge about sociology, communication, political science and economics.


Exchange student

Kansai University

Spring 2009

As part of my BSc., I spent one semester in Osaka, Japan.

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